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Antv is a station of private television channels in Indonesia which is owned by Indra Bakrie and managed by Eric Thorhir, the first antv was given broadcasting permission on January 1, 1993 and it was also a local broadcast in the city of Lampung, which only broadcast 5 hours of broadcast every day The antv television station was officially given broadcasts from Jakarta to all of Indonesia on March 1, 1993, because many of them got sparkling achievements, and Antv had also been awarded a Muri record award, so that the antv broadcast station is still broadcast.

Broadcast station streaming antv selalu memberikan program program siaran terbaik setiap hari nya, sehingga bisa menghibur para pemirsa setia antv untuk selalu mengunjungi dan menyaksikan chanel televisi antv setiap hari nya, banyak nya acara siaran di stasiun televisi antv seperti program siaran berikut ini lensa olah raga, take me out indonesia, jinny oh jinny, tuyul dan mbak yul, lonceng cinta, putri duyung, lola dan liliput, dan acara acara lainnya.

Watch TV online antv directly by using a device such as a PC, laptop, tablet or mobile phone for now it is indeed the right choice, because you can see it wherever you are, like you are on a trip or you are outdoors , you can see online antv streaming on your cellphone, you can access it via android phones, Iphone and other smartphones.

You must have a stable internet connection so that when you watch online TV broadcasts the antv is not interrupted and buffered, because we display broadcasts with the best image quality and clear in HD format, so you can all enjoy watching the broadcast, we also provide channels streaming trans 7 and other TV channel channels.